Instance Property


The delegate object that provides transition animator, interactive controller, and custom presentation controller objects.


@property(nonatomic, weak) id<UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate> transitioningDelegate;


When the view controller’s modalPresentationStyle property is UIModalPresentationCustom, UIKit uses the object in this property to facilitate transitions and presentations for the view controller. The transitioning delegate object is a custom object that you provide and that conforms to the UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate protocol. Its job is to vend the animator objects used to animate this view controller’s view onscreen and an optional presentation controller to provide any additional chrome and animations.

See Also

Adding a Custom Transition or Presentation


Returns the active transition coordinator object.

- targetViewControllerForAction:sender:

Returns the view controller that responds to the action.


The presentation controller that’s managing the current view controller.


The nearest popover presentation controller that is managing the current view controller.


A Boolean value that indicates whether an item that previously was focused should again become focused when the item's view controller becomes visible and focusable.