Instance Property


Called when the system needs the view controller to use for determining status bar hidden/unhidden state.


var childForStatusBarHidden: UIViewController? { get }

Return Value

The view controller whose status bar hidden/unhidden status should be used. Default return value is nil.


If your container view controller derives the hidden state of the status bar from one of its child view controllers, implement this method to specify which child view controller you want to control the hidden/unhidden state. If you return nil or do not override this method, the status bar hidden/unhidden state for self is used.

If you change the return value from this method, call the setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate() method.

See Also

Managing the Status Bar

var childForStatusBarStyle: UIViewController?

Called when the system needs the view controller to use for determining status bar style.

var preferredStatusBarStyle: UIStatusBarStyle

The preferred status bar style for the view controller.

var prefersStatusBarHidden: Bool

Specifies whether the view controller prefers the status bar to be hidden or shown.

var modalPresentationCapturesStatusBarAppearance: Bool

Specifies whether a view controller, presented non-fullscreen, takes over control of status bar appearance from the presenting view controller.

var preferredStatusBarUpdateAnimation: UIStatusBarAnimation

Specifies the animation style to use for hiding and showing the status bar for the view controller.

func setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate()

Indicates to the system that the view controller status bar attributes have changed.