Instance Property


The preferred size for the view controller’s view.


@property(nonatomic) CGSize preferredContentSize;


The value in this property is used primarily when displaying the view controller’s content in a popover but may also be used in other situations. Changing the value of this property while the view controller is being displayed in a popover animates the size change; however, the change is not animated if you specify a width or height of 0.0.

See Also

Managing the View


The view that the controller manages.


The view controller’s view, or nil if the view is not yet loaded.


A Boolean value indicating whether the view is currently loaded into memory.

- loadView

Creates the view that the controller manages.

- viewDidLoad

Called after the controller'€™s view is loaded into memory.

- loadViewIfNeeded

Loads the view controller’s view if it has not yet been loaded.


A localized string that represents the view this controller manages.