Instance Method


Called on restored view controllers after other object decoding is complete.


func applicationFinishedRestoringState()


After other object decoding has completed, the system calls this method. This allows a view controller to complete setup after other state restoration, relying on the system to ensure that the states of all objects from the restoration archive have been decoded.

See Also

Managing State Restoration

Restoring Your App’s State

Preserve and restore information related to the user’s current activities.

var restorationIdentifier: String?

The identifier that determines whether the view controller supports state restoration.

var restorationClass: UIViewControllerRestoration.Type?

The class responsible for recreating this view controller when restoring the app'€™s state.

func encodeRestorableState(with: NSCoder)

Encodes state-related information for the view controller.

func decodeRestorableState(with: NSCoder)

Decodes and restores state-related information for the view controller.