Instance Property


The toolbar items associated with the view controller.


@property(nonatomic, strong) NSArray<__kindof UIBarButtonItem *> *toolbarItems;


This property contains an array of UIBarButtonItem objects and works in conjunction with a UINavigationController object. If this view controller is embedded inside a navigation controller interface, and the navigation controller displays a toolbar, this property identifies the items to display in that toolbar.

You can set the value of this property explicitly or use the setToolbarItems:animated: method to animate changes to the visible set of toolbar items.

See Also

Configuring a Navigation Interface


The navigation item used to represent the view controller in a parent'€™s navigation bar.


A Boolean value indicating whether the toolbar at the bottom of the screen is hidden when the view controller is pushed on to a navigation controller.

- setToolbarItems:animated:

Sets the toolbar items to be displayed along with the view controller.