Instance Method


Sets the toolbar items to be displayed along with the view controller.


func setToolbarItems(_ toolbarItems: [UIBarButtonItem]?, animated: Bool)



The toolbar items to display in a built-in toolbar.


If true, animate the change of items in the toolbar.


View controllers that are managed by a navigation controller can use this method to specify toolbar items for the navigation controller'€™s built-in toolbar. You can set the toolbar items for your view controller before your view controller is displayed or after it is already visible.

See Also

Configuring a Navigation Interface

var navigationItem: UINavigationItem

The navigation item used to represent the view controller in a parent'€™s navigation bar.

var hidesBottomBarWhenPushed: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the toolbar at the bottom of the screen is hidden when the view controller is pushed on to a navigation controller.

var toolbarItems: [UIBarButtonItem]?

The toolbar items associated with the view controller.