Instance Property


The minimum layout margins for the view controller's root view.


var systemMinimumLayoutMargins: NSDirectionalEdgeInsets { get }


This property contains the minimum layout margins expected by the system for the view controller's root view. Do not override this property. To stop considering the system's minimum layout margins for the root view, set the viewRespectsSystemMinimumLayoutMargins property to false. This property does not affect the margins associated with subviews of the root view.

If you assign a custom value to the directionalLayoutMargins property of the view controller's root view, the root view's actual margins are set to either your custom values or the minimum values defined by this property, whichever values are greater. For example, if the value for one system minimum margin is 20 points and you specify a value of 10 for the same margin on the view, the view uses the value 20 for the margin.

See Also

Managing the View's Margins

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Position views so that they are not crowded by other content.

var viewRespectsSystemMinimumLayoutMargins: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the view controller's view uses the system-defined minimum layout margins.

func viewLayoutMarginsDidChange()

Called to notify the view controller that the layout margins of its root view changed.