Instance Property


Custom insets that you specify to modify the view controller's safe area.


@property(nonatomic) UIEdgeInsets additionalSafeAreaInsets;


Use this property to adjust the safe area insets of this view controller's views by the specified amount. The safe area defines the portion of your view controller's visible area that is guaranteed to be unobscured by the system status bar or by an ancestor-provided view such as the navigation bar.

You might use this property to extend the safe area to include custom content in your interface. For example, a drawing app might use this property to avoid displaying content underneath tool palettes.

See Also

Extending the View's Safe Area

Positioning Content Relative to the Safe Area

Position views so that they are not obstructed by other content.

- viewSafeAreaInsetsDidChange

Called to notify the view controller that the safe area insets of its root view changed.