Instance Property


The user interface style adopted by the view controller and all of its children.


var overrideUserInterfaceStyle: UIUserInterfaceStyle { get set }


Use this property to force the view controller to always adopt a light or dark interface style. The default value of this property is UIUserInterfaceStyle.unspecified, which causes the view controller to inherit the interface style from the system or a parent view controller. If you assign a different value, the new style applies to the view controller, its entire view hierarchy, and any embedded child view controllers.

See Also

Adjusting the Interface Style

var preferredUserInterfaceStyle: UIUserInterfaceStyle

The preferred interface style for this view controller.

var childViewControllerForUserInterfaceStyle: UIViewController?

The child view controller that supports the preferred user interface style.

func setNeedsUserInterfaceAppearanceUpdate()

Notifies the view controller that a change occurred that might affect the preferred interface style.

enum UIUserInterfaceStyle

Constants indicating the interface style for the app.

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