Instance Method


Tells your animator object to perform the transition animations.



func animateTransition(using transitionContext: UIViewControllerContextTransitioning)



The context object containing information about the transition.


UIKit calls this method when presenting or dismissing a view controller. Use this method to configure the animations associated with your custom transition. You can use view-based animations or Core Animation to configure your animations.

All animations must take place in the view specified by the containerView property of transitionContext. Add the view being presented (or revealed if the transition involves dismissing a view controller) to the container view’s hierarchy and set up any animations you want to make that view move into position. If you want to draw to the screen directly without a view, use this method to configure a CADisplayLink object instead.

You can retrieve the view controllers involved in the transition from the viewController(forKey:) method of transitionContext. For more information about the information provided by the context object, see UIViewControllerContextTransitioning.

See Also

Performing a Transition

func animationEnded(Bool)

Tells your animator object that the transition animations have finished.