A set of methods that define the interface for configuring a previewing view controller on devices that support 3D Touch.


The system returns a context object conforming to this protocol when you call a view controller’s registerForPreviewing(with:sourceView:) method. This method registers the view controller to participate in 3D Touch preview (peek) and commit (pop) behaviors.

To learn about 3D Touch, read Adopting 3D Touch on iPhone.


Configuring a Source View for a 3D Touch Previewing View Controller

var sourceRect: CGRect

The rectangle, in the source view’s coordinate system, that responds to a forceful touch by a user and remains visually sharp while surrounding content blurs.


var previewingGestureRecognizerForFailureRelationship: UIGestureRecognizer

A gesture recognizer suitable for setting up failure requirements for a preview’s (peek’s) gestures.


Accessing Properties of a 3D Touch Previewing View Controller

var delegate: UIViewControllerPreviewingDelegate

The previewing view controller's delegate for managing preview (peek) and commit (pop) view controllers.


var sourceView: UIView

A source view, in a previewing view controller’s view hierarchy, responds to a forceful touch by the user.



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First Steps

protocol UIViewControllerPreviewingDelegate

A set of methods used by the delegate to respond, with a preview view controller and a commit view controller, to the user pressing a view object on the screen of a device that supports 3D Touch.