Instance Property


The rectangle, in the source view’s coordinate system, that responds to a 3D Touch by a user and remains visually sharp while surrounding content blurs.



@property(nonatomic) CGRect sourceRect;


Use this property if you want to specify a preview indication area that is different than the bounds of the view in the sourceView property. Set this property’s value in your object’s previewingContext:viewControllerForLocation: method.

The default value of this property corresponds to the bounds of the view in the sourceView property.

For example, if your source view is a table view, you can set the sourceRect property to the frame of the row under the user’s touch. The row then remains visually sharp when a user presses it, while surrounding content blurs, thereby indicating to the user that it is the row being touched that has a preview available.

You can change the value of this property at runtime.

See Also

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