A set of methods used by the delegate to respond, with a preview view controller and a commit view controller, to the user pressing a view object on the screen of a device that supports 3D Touch.


To learn about 3D Touch, read Adopting 3D Touch on iPhone.


Providing Preview and Commit Views for 3D Touch

func previewingContext(UIViewControllerPreviewing, viewControllerForLocation: CGPoint)

Called when the user has pressed a source view in a previewing view controller, thereby obtaining a surrounding blur to indicate that a preview (peek) is available.


func previewingContext(UIViewControllerPreviewing, commit: UIViewController)

Called to let you prepare the presentation of a commit (pop) view from your commit view controller.



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First Steps

protocol UIViewControllerPreviewing

A set of methods that define the interface for configuring a previewing view controller on devices that support 3D Touch.