Instance Property


Returns the starting velocity to use for any final animations.



var completionVelocity: CGFloat { get }

Return Value

The completion velocity for the view controller transition. A value of 1.0 corresponds to an animation that would complete in the duration returned by the transitionDuration method. Higher values cause the animations to move faster by the corresponding factor and lower values cause it to move slower. The value of this property is always greater than 0.0.


The completion velocity provides the starting speed to use at the end of an interactive animation. Setting the initial speed of your animations ensures that views do not change velocity abruptly. This value is usually obtained from the completionVelocity property of the interactive animator object.

See Also

Getting the Behavior Attributes

var presentationStyle: UIModalPresentationStyle

Returns the presentation style being used for the transition.


var transitionDuration: TimeInterval

Returns the noninteractive duration of a transition.


var completionCurve: UIView.AnimationCurve

Returns the completion curve associated with the transition.


var percentComplete: CGFloat

Returns the percentage of completion for an interactive transition when it moves to its noninteractive phase.