Instance Method


Adjusts the final timing and duration of a paused animation.


- (void)continueAnimationWithTimingParameters:(id<UITimingCurveProvider>)parameters durationFactor:(CGFloat)durationFactor;



The new timing information to apply to the animation. Your custom animator determines how to transition from any current animations to the new animations specified by this parameter.


A multiplying factor to apply to the animation’s original duration. Multiply this value by your animation’s original duration value to obtain the new duration for the animations.


Use this method to change the timing and duration parameters for the current animations temporarily. You define the conditions for which it is safe to call this method, but typically it is an error to call this method on an animator that is inactive, running, or not interruptible. You should retain the original timing and duration values and restore them when your animator transitions back to the inactive state.

See Also

Modifying Animations

- addAnimations:

Adds the specified animation block to the animator.

- addAnimations:delayFactor:

Adds the specified animation block to the animator with a delay.

- addCompletion:

Adds the specified completion block to the animator.