Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether your app manages hit-testing while animations are in progress.


var isManualHitTestingEnabled: Bool { get set }


The default value of this property is false.

See Also

Accessing the Animation Parameters

var duration: TimeInterval

The total duration (in seconds) of the main animations.

var delay: TimeInterval

The delay (in seconds) after which the animations begin.

var timingParameters: UITimingCurveProvider?

The information used to determine the timing curve for the animation.

var isInterruptible: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the animator is interruptible and can be paused or stopped.

var isUserInteractionEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether views receive touch events while animations are running.

var scrubsLinearly: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether a paused animation scrubs linearly or uses its specified timing information.

var pausesOnCompletion: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether a completed animation remains in the active state.