Instance Property


The manner in which column- or page-breaking occurs.


var paginationBreakingMode: UIWebPaginationBreakingMode { get set }


This property determines whether certain CSS properties regarding column- and page-breaking are honored or ignored. When this property is set to column, the content respects the CSS properties related to column-breaking in place of page-breaking.

See UIWebPaginationBreakingMode for possible values. The default value is page.

See Also

Managing Pages

var gapBetweenPages: CGFloat

The size of the gap, in points, between pages.

var pageCount: Int

The number of pages produced by the layout of the web view.

var pageLength: CGFloat

The size of each page, in points, in the direction that the pages flow.

var paginationMode: UIWebPaginationMode

The layout of content in the web view.