Instance Method


Stops the loading of any web content managed by the receiver.


func stopLoading()


Stops any content in the process of being loaded by the main frame or any of its children frames. Does nothing if no content is being loaded.

See Also

Loading Content

func load(Data, mimeType: String, textEncodingName: String, baseURL: URL)

Sets the main page contents, MIME type, content encoding, and base URL.

func loadHTMLString(String, baseURL: URL?)

Sets the main page content and base URL.

func loadRequest(URLRequest)

Connects to a given URL by initiating an asynchronous client request.

var request: URLRequest?

The URL request identifying the location of the content to load.

var isLoading: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the receiver is done loading content.

func reload()

Reloads the current page.