Instance Property


The layout of content in the web view.


var paginationMode: UIWebView.PaginationMode { get set }


This property determines whether content in the web view is broken up into pages that fill the view one screen at a time, or shown as one long scrolling view. If set to a paginated form, this property toggles a paginated layout on the content, causing the web view to use the values of pageLength and gapBetweenPages to relayout its content.

See UIWebView.PaginationMode for possible values. The default value is UIWebView.PaginationMode.unpaginated.

See Also

Managing Pages

var gapBetweenPages: CGFloat

The size of the gap, in points, between pages.

var pageCount: Int

The number of pages produced by the layout of the web view.

var pageLength: CGFloat

The size of each page, in points, in the direction that the pages flow.

var paginationBreakingMode: UIWebView.PaginationBreakingMode

The manner in which column- or page-breaking occurs.