Table Views

Display data in a single column of customizable rows.



class UITableView

A view that presents data using rows arranged in a single column.

class UITableViewController

A view controller that specializes in managing a table view.

class UITableViewFocusUpdateContext

A context object that provides information relevant to a specific focus update from one view to another.

class UILocalizedIndexedCollation

An object that provides ways to organize, sort, and localize the data for a table view that has a section index.


class UITableViewCell

A cell in a table view.

class UISwipeActionsConfiguration

The set of actions to perform when swiping on rows of a table.

class UIContextualAction

An action to display when the user swipes a table row.

class UITableViewRowAction

A single action to present when the user swipes horizontally in a table row.

enum UIContextualAction.Style

Constants indicating the style information that is applied to the action button.

Creating Self-Sizing Table View Cells

Create table view cells that support Dynamic Type and use system spacing constraints to adjust the spacing surrounding text labels.

Headers and Footers

class UITableViewHeaderFooterView

A reusable view that can be placed at the top or bottom of a table section to display additional information for that section.


class UIRefreshControl

A standard control that can initiate the refreshing of a scroll view’s contents.

Drag and Drop

Supporting Drag and Drop in Table Views

Initiate drags and handle drops from a table view.

protocol UITableViewDragDelegate

The interface for initiating drags from a table view.

protocol UITableViewDropDelegate

The interface for handling drops in a table view.

protocol UITableViewDropCoordinator

An interface for coordinating your custom drop-related actions with the table view.

class UITableViewDropProposal

Your proposed solution for handling a drop in a table view.

protocol UITableViewDropItem

The data associated with an item being dropped into the table view.

protocol UITableViewDropPlaceholderContext

An object that you insert temporarily into the table view while waiting to receive the actual data that you plan to display.

protocol UIDataSourceTranslating

An advanced interface for managing a data source object.

See Also

Container Views

Collection Views

Display nested views using a configurable and highly customizable layout.

class UIStackView

A streamlined interface for laying out a collection of views in either a column or a row.

class UIScrollView

A view that allows the scrolling and zooming of its contained views.