Windows and Screens

Provide a container for your view hierarchies and other content.



class UIWindow

An object that provides the backdrop for your app’s user interface and provides important event-handling behaviors.

protocol UICoordinateSpace

A set of methods for converting between different frames of reference on a screen.


class UIPopoverPresentationController

An object that manages the display of content in a popover.

class UIPopoverBackgroundView

The background appearance for a popover.

protocol UIPopoverBackgroundViewMethods

A set of methods that UIPopoverBackgroundView subclasses must implement.


class UIAlertController

An object that displays an alert message to the user.

class UIAlertAction

An action that can be taken when the user taps a button in an alert.


class UIScreen

An object that defines the properties associated with a hardware-based display.

class UIScreenMode

A possible set of attributes that can be applied to a screen object.

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