Instance Property


An array of attachments to display in an alert-based notification.


var attachments: [UNNotificationAttachment] { get set }


Use this property to include images or movies, or to include playable audio files, with the contents of an alert. The system displays the attachments alongside the title and body of your alert. You can also customize the presentation of attachments using a notification content app extension.

All attachments must reside locally on the current device before they can be added. For local notifications, modify this property before scheduling the notification. For remote notifications, use a notification service app extension to locate and download the specified files and modify the notification content before it is delivered.

For more information on how to specify attachments, see UNNotificationAttachment.

See Also

Getting the Notification Data

var title: String

The localized title, containing the reason for the alert.

var subtitle: String

The localized subtitle, containing a secondary description of the reason for the alert.

var body: String

The localized message to display in the notification alert.

var badge: NSNumber?

The number to apply to the app’s icon.

var sound: UNNotificationSound?

The sound to play when the notification is delivered.

var launchImageName: String

The name of the custom launch image to display when your app is launched in response to the notification.

var userInfo: [AnyHashable : Any]

A dictionary of custom information associated with the notification.