The data for a delivered notification.


A UNNotification object represents a local or remote notification that has been delivered to your app. A notification object consists of the initial notification request and the date on which the notification was delivered. The notification request includes the content of the notification and the trigger condition that caused it to be delivered.

You do not create instances of this class directly. Instead, the UNUserNotificationCenter object maintains the list of notification objects whose contents have been delivered to the user. Use the getDeliveredNotifications(completionHandler:) method to retrieve those notification objects.


Getting the Notification Details

var request: UNNotificationRequest

The originating notification request.

var date: Date

The delivery date of the notification.


Inherits From

See Also


class UNNotificationRequest

An object you use to specify a notification’s content and the condition that triggers its delivery.

class UNNotificationResponse

The user’s response to an actionable notification.