Global Variable


A Boolean value indicating whether the attachment’s thumbnail is hidden.


let UNNotificationAttachmentOptionsThumbnailHiddenKey: String


The value of this key is an NSNumber containing a Boolean value. When set to true, the attachment’s thumbnail is not displayed. If you do not include this key, the thumbnail is shown.

See Also

Creating an Attachment

init(identifier: String, url: URL, options: [AnyHashable : Any]?)

Creates an attachment object from the specified file and options.

let UNNotificationAttachmentOptionsTypeHintKey: String

A hint about an attachment’s file type.

let UNNotificationAttachmentOptionsThumbnailClippingRectKey: String

The clipping rectangle for a thumbnail image.

let UNNotificationAttachmentOptionsThumbnailTimeKey: String

The frame number of an animation to use as a thumbnail image.