Instance Property


The unique string assigned to the category.


var identifier: String { get }


Use this string to differentiate the different types of notifications that your app can send. To assign a category to a local notification, assign this string to the categoryIdentifier property of the content object. To assign a category to a remote notification, use the string as the value of the category key in the aps dictionary of the notification payload.

See Also

Getting the Category Information

var actions: [UNNotificationAction]

The actions to display when a notification of this type is presented.

var intentIdentifiers: [String]

The intents related to notifications of this category.

var hiddenPreviewsBodyPlaceholder: String

The placeholder text to display when notification previews are disabled for the app.

var categorySummaryFormat: String

A format string for the summary description used when the system groups the category’s notifications.

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