Instance Property


The placeholder text to display when notification previews are disabled for the app.


var hiddenPreviewsBodyPlaceholder: String { get }


The string in this property may contain the special characters %u as a placeholder for the number of messages with the same thread identifier. If the string in this property is declared in a .stringsdict property list, the system formats the preview message using the information in that file. For more information about specifying a .stringsdict property file, see Internationalization and Localization Guide.

See Also

Getting the Category Information

var identifier: String

The unique string assigned to the category.

var actions: [UNNotificationAction]

The actions to display when a notification of this type is presented.

var intentIdentifiers: [String]

The intents related to notifications of this category.

var categorySummaryFormat: String

A format string for the summary description used when the system groups the category’s notifications.