Type Method


Creates a category object containing the specified actions, options, placeholder text used when previews aren’t shown, and summary format string.


+ (instancetype)categoryWithIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier actions:(NSArray<UNNotificationAction *> *)actions intentIdentifiers:(NSArray<NSString *> *)intentIdentifiers hiddenPreviewsBodyPlaceholder:(NSString *)hiddenPreviewsBodyPlaceholder categorySummaryFormat:(NSString *)categorySummaryFormat options:(UNNotificationCategoryOptions)options;



The unique identifier for the category. Each category that your app uses must have a unique identifier. Don’t specify an empty string.


The actions to display when notifications of this type are delivered. When minimal space is available, only the first two actions in the array are displayed. You may specify nil for this parameter if you don’t want to display custom actions.


The intent identifier strings that you want to associate with notifications of this type. The Intents framework defines constants for each type of intent that you can associate with your notifications.


A placeholder string to display when the user has disabled notification previews for the app. Include the characters %u (the only supported formatting characters) in the string to represent the number of notifications with the same thread identifier. For example, the string “%u Messages” becomes “2 Messages” when there are two messages.

To specify different strings for the singular and plural cases, use the localizedUserNotificationStringForKey:arguments: method of NSString to specify the value for this parameter. The key passed to that method contains the identifier of an entry in a .stringsdict property list of your project. A strings dictionary lets you specify different formatted strings based on the language rules, and is as described in Internationalization and Localization Guide.


A format string for the summary description used when the system groups the category’s notifications.


Additional options for handling notifications of this type. For a list of possible values, see UNNotificationCategoryOptions.

See Also

Creating a Notification Category

+ categoryWithIdentifier:actions:intentIdentifiers:options:

Creates a category object containing the specified actions and options.

+ categoryWithIdentifier:actions:intentIdentifiers:hiddenPreviewsBodyPlaceholder:options:

Creates a category object containing the specified actions, options, and placeholder text used when previews aren’t shown.