Instance Property


A dictionary of custom information associated with the notification.


var userInfo: [AnyHashable : Any] { get }


For remote notifications, this property contains the entire notification payload. For local notifications, you configure the property directly before scheduling the notification.

The keys in this dictionary must be property-list types—that is, they must be types that can be serialized into the property-list format. For information about property-list types, see Property List Programming Guide.

See Also

Getting the Notification Data

var title: String

A short description of the reason for the alert.

var subtitle: String

A secondary description of the reason for the alert.

var body: String

The message displayed in the notification alert.

var badge: NSNumber?

The number to display as the app’s icon badge.

var sound: UNNotificationSound?

The sound to play when the notification is delivered.

var launchImageName: String

The name of the launch image to display when your app is launched in response to the notification

var attachments: [UNNotificationAttachment]

An array of attachments to display with the notification.