Type Method


Creates a notification request object that you use to schedule a notification.


+ (instancetype)requestWithIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier content:(UNNotificationContent *)content trigger:(UNNotificationTrigger *)trigger;



An identifier for the request; this parameter must not be nil. You can use this identifier to cancel the request if it is still pending (see the removePendingNotificationRequestsWithIdentifiers: method).


The content of the notification. This parameter must not be nil.


The condition that causes the notification to be delivered. Specify nil to deliver the notification right away.

Return Value

A new notification request object.


Use this method when you want to schedule the delivery of a local notification. This method creates the request object that you subsequently pass to the addNotificationRequest:withCompletionHandler: method.

The system uses the identifier parameter to determine how to handle the request:

  • If you provide a unique identifier, the system creates a new notification.

  • If the identifier matches a previously delivered notification, the system alerts the user again, replaces the old notification with the new one, and places the new notification at the top of the list.

  • If the identifier matches a pending request, the new request replaces the pending request.