Instance Property


The unique identifier for this notification request.


iOS, Mac Catalyst, tvOS, watchOS
@property(readonly, copy, nonatomic) NSString *identifier;
@property(readonly, copy, atomic) NSString *identifier;


Use this string to identify notifications in your app. For example, you can pass this string to the removePendingNotificationRequestsWithIdentifiers: method to cancel a previously scheduled notification.

If you use the same identifier when scheduling a new notification, the system removes the previously scheduled notification with that identifier and replaces it with the new one.

For local notifications, this property is set to the value passed to the request’s initializer (see the requestWithIdentifier:content:trigger: method). For remote notifications, it is set to the value of the apns-collapse-id key that you specified in the APNs request header when generating the remote notification. If no value is set, the system automatically assigns an identifier.

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