Type Method


Creates a custom sound object for critical alerts.


+ (instancetype)criticalSoundNamed:(UNNotificationSoundName)name;



The name of the sound file to play. This file must be located in the current executable’s main bundle or in the Library/Sounds directory of the current app container directory. If files exist at both locations, the system uses the file from the Library/Sounds directory. This parameter must not be nil.

Return Value

A sound object representing a custom critical alert sound.


Critical alerts ignore the mute switch and Do Not Disturb. They require a special entitlement issued by Apple.

See Also

Getting Critical Sounds


The default sound used for critical alerts.

+ defaultCriticalSoundWithAudioVolume:

Creates a sound object that plays the default critical alert sound at the specified volume.

+ criticalSoundNamed:withAudioVolume:

Creates a custom sound object for critical alerts with the specified volume.

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