Instance Method


Registers your app’s notification types and the custom actions that they support.


- (void)setNotificationCategories:(NSSet<UNNotificationCategory *> *)categories;



A set of UNNotificationCategory objects, each of which contains the actions that are displayed with the notification interface. This parameter must contain all of your app’s supported categories.


Call this method at launch time to register your app’s actionable notification types. This method registers all of your categories at once, replacing any previously registered categories with the new ones in the categories parameter. Typically, you call this method only once.

Each object in the categories parameter contains a string for identifying the notification's type. It also contains one or more custom actions that the user may perform in response to notifications of that type. When the system displays an alert for a notification, it looks in the notification payload for one of the identifier strings from your category objects. If it finds one, it adds user-selectable buttons for each action associated with that category object. Tapping a button notifies your app of the selected action, without bringing your app to the foreground.

See Also

Registering the Notification Categories

- getNotificationCategoriesWithCompletionHandler:

Retrieves the app’s currently registered notification categories.