Instance Method


Returns a list of the app’s notifications that are still displayed in Notification Center.


func getDeliveredNotifications(completionHandler: @escaping ([UNNotification]) -> Void)



The block to execute with the results. This block may be executed on a background thread. The block has no return value and takes the following parameter:


An array of UNNotification objects representing the local and remote notifications of your app that have been delivered and are still visible in Notification Center. If none of your app’s notifications are visible in Notification Center, the array is empty.


This method executes asynchronously, returning immediately and executing the provided block on a background thread when the results become available.

See Also

Managing Delivered Notifications

func removeDeliveredNotifications(withIdentifiers: [String])

Removes the specified notification requests from Notification Center.

func removeAllDeliveredNotifications()

Removes all of the app’s delivered notifications from Notification Center.