Instance Method


Requests the notification settings for this app.


func getNotificationSettings(completionHandler: @escaping (UNNotificationSettings) -> Void)



The block to execute asynchronously with the results. This block may be executed on a background thread. The block has no return value and takes the following parameter:


The UNNotificationSettings object containing the current authorization settings for your app.


Use this method to determine the user interactions and notification-related features that your app is authorized to use. You might then use this information to enable or disable specific notification-related features of your app.

When the user initially grants authorization to your app, the system gives your app a set of default notification-related settings. The user may change those settings at any time to enable or disable specific capabilities. For example, the user might disable the playing of sounds when a notification arrives.

See Also

Managing Settings and Authorization

func requestAuthorization(options: UNAuthorizationOptions, completionHandler: (Bool, Error?) -> Void)

Requests authorization to interact with the user when local and remote notifications are delivered to the user’s device.

var supportsContentExtensions: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the current device supports notification content extensions.

struct UNAuthorizationOptions

Constants for requesting authorization to interact with the user.