Global Variable


The pixel aspect ratio for destination image buffers.


let kVTPixelTransferPropertyKey_DestinationPixelAspectRatio: CFString


The value of this property is a CFDictionary object with same keys as used in the kCVImageBufferPixelAspectRatioKey dictionary.

This property is ignored in kVTScalingMode_Normal. This property defaults to NULL, meaning 1:1 (for kVTScalingMode_CropSourceToCleanAperture) or no change in pixel aspect ratio (for kVTScalingMode_Letterbox and kVTScalingMode_Trim).

See Also


let kVTPixelTransferPropertyKey_ScalingMode: CFString

Scaling mode for images during transfer between source and destination buffers.

let kVTPixelTransferPropertyKey_DestinationCleanAperture: CFString

The clean aperture for destination image buffers.

let kVTPixelTransferPropertyKey_DownsamplingMode: CFString

The specific chroma downsampling technique to be used.

let kVTPixelTransferPropertyKey_DestinationColorPrimaries: CFString

The color primaries to be used for destination image buffers.

let kVTPixelTransferPropertyKey_DestinationTransferFunction: CFString

The color transfer function to be used for destination image buffers.

let kVTPixelTransferPropertyKey_DestinationICCProfile: CFString

The International Color Consortium (ICC) profile for destination image buffers.

let kVTPixelTransferPropertyKey_DestinationYCbCrMatrix: CFString

The color matrix to be used for YCbCr to RGB conversions involving the destination image buffers.