Barcode information detected by an image analysis request.


class VNBarcodeObservation : VNRectangleObservation


This type of observation results from a VNDetectBarcodesRequest. It contains information about the detected barcode, including parsed payload data for supported symbology.


Parsing the Payload

var payloadStringValue: String?

The string representation of the barcode's payload.

Reading Barcode Descriptors

var barcodeDescriptor: CIBarcodeDescriptor?

A CIBarcodeDescriptor object with low-level details about the barcode and its data.

Identifying Barcode Types

var symbology: VNBarcodeSymbology

The symbology of the observed barcode.


Conforms To

See Also

Barcode Detection

struct VNBarcodeSymbology

Symbologies supported by the Vision framework.

class VNDetectBarcodesRequest

An image analysis request that finds and recognizes barcodes in an image.

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