Classification information produced by an image analysis request.


class VNClassificationObservation : VNObservation


This type of observation results from performing a VNCoreMLRequest image analysis with a Core ML model whose role is classification (rather than prediction or image-to-image processing). Vision infers that an MLModel object is a classifier model if that model predicts a single feature. That is, the model’s modelDescription object has a non-nil value for its predictedFeatureName property.


Determining Classification

var identifier: String

Classification label identifying the type of observation.

Measuring Confidence and Precision

var hasPrecisionRecallCurve: Bool

A Boolean variable indicating whether the observation contains precision and recall curves.

func hasMinimumPrecision(Float, forRecall: Float) -> Bool

Determines whether the observation for a specific recall has a minimum precision value.

func hasMinimumRecall(Float, forPrecision: Float) -> Bool

Determines whether the observation for a specific precision has a minimum recall value.


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class VNCoreMLRequest

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