A request to classify an image.


class VNClassifyImageRequest : VNImageBasedRequest


This type of request produces a collection of VNClassificationObservation objects that describe an image. Access the classifications through knownClassifications(forRevision:).


Obtaining Classifications

class func knownClassifications(forRevision: Int) -> [VNClassificationObservation]

Requests the collection of classifications that the Vision framework recognizes.

class VNClassificationObservation

Classification information produced by an image analysis request.

Specifying Algorithm Revision

let VNClassifyImageRequestRevision1: Int

A constant for specifying revision 1 of the image classification algorithm.


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See Also

Still Image Analysis

Detecting Objects in Still Images

Locate and demarcate rectangles, faces, barcodes, and text in images using the Vision framework.

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Analyze and label images using a Vision classification request.

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Generate a feature print to compute distance between images.

class VNImageRequestHandler

An object that processes one or more image analysis requests pertaining to a single image.

class VNImageBasedRequest

The abstract superclass for image analysis requests that focus on a specific part of an image.

class VNGenerateImageFeaturePrintRequest

An image-based request to generate feature prints from an image.

class VNRequest

The abstract superclass for analysis requests.

class VNObservation

The abstract superclass for analysis results.