An image analysis request that finds and recognizes barcodes in an image.


class VNDetectBarcodesRequest : VNImageBasedRequest


By default, a barcode request first locates all barcodes in the input image, then analyzes each to decode payload. To specify or limit the types of barcodes sought in the request, set the symbologies property to an array of barcode types you would like to support.


Choosing Barcode Types to Detect

var symbologies: [VNBarcodeSymbology]

An array of VNBarcodeSymbology objects that Vision should detect in the image.

class var supportedSymbologies: [VNBarcodeSymbology]

An array of VNBarcodeSymbology objects describing the symbologies that Vision currently supports.

Specifying a Revision

let VNDetectBarcodesRequestRevision1: Int

A constant for specifying revision 1 of the barcode detection algorithm.


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Barcode Detection

struct VNBarcodeSymbology

Symbologies supported by the Vision framework.

class VNBarcodeObservation

Barcode information detected by an image analysis request.