An image analysis request that finds facial features (such as the eyes and mouth) in an image.


By default, a face landmarks request first locates all faces in the input image, then analyzes each to detect facial features.

If you've already located all the faces in an image, or want to detect landmarks in only a subset of the faces in the image, set the inputFaceObservations property to an array of VNFaceObservation objects representing the faces you want to analyze. (You can either use face observations output by a VNDetectFaceRectanglesRequest or manually create VNFaceObservation instances with the bounding boxes of the faces you want to analyze.)


Supporting Types

protocol VNFaceObservationAccepting

An image analysis request that can operate on face observations.

See Also

Face Detection and Recognition

class VNDetectFaceRectanglesRequest

An image analysis request that finds faces within an image.

class VNFaceObservation

Face or facial-feature information detected by an image analysis request.