2D geometry information for a specific facial feature.


class VNFaceLandmarkRegion2D : VNFaceLandmarkRegion


This class represents the set of all facial landmark regions in 2D, exposed as properties.


Specifying Region Properties

var normalizedPoints: [CGPoint]

The array of normalized landmark points.

var precisionEstimatesPerPoint: [Float]?

Requests an array of precision estimates for each landmark point.

Computing Feature Points

func pointsInImage(imageSize: CGSize) -> [CGPoint]

An array containing landmark points in the coordinate space of the specified image size.


Conforms To

See Also

Finding Face Landmarks

var landmarks: VNFaceLandmarks2D?

The facial features found in the detected face.

class VNFaceLandmarks2D

A collection of all facial features detected in a face observation, with 2D geometry information for each.

class VNFaceLandmarks

The abstract superclass for containers of face landmark information.

class VNFaceLandmarkRegion

The abstract superclass for information about a specific face landmark.