Type Property


An option to specify the camera intrinstics as an NSData or CFData object representing a matrix_float3x3.


static let cameraIntrinsics: VNImageOption


The camera intrinsics matrix is a CFData instance containing a matrix_float3x3, which is a column-major matrix:

The camera intrinsics matrix with focal length along the main diagonal

fx and fy are the focal length in pixels. For square pixels, they have the same value.

ox and oy are the coordinates of the principal point. The origin is the upper-left corner of the frame.

See Also

Options Dictionary Keys

static let properties: VNImageOption

The dictionary from CGImageSourceCopyPropertiesAtIndex(_:_:_:) containing metadata for algorithms like horizon detection.

static let ciContext: VNImageOption

An option key to specify the CIContext to be used in the handler's Core Image operations.