The abstract superclass for analysis results.


class VNObservation : NSObject


Observations resulting from Vision image analysis requests inherit from this abstract base class. Do not use this abstract superclass directly.


Tracking Observations

var uuid: UUID

A unique identifier assigned to the Vision observation.

Evaluating Observations

var confidence: VNConfidence

The level of confidence in the observation's accuracy, normalized to [0, 1.0].

typealias VNConfidence

A type alias for the confidence value of an observation.

See Also

Still Image Analysis

Detecting Objects in Still Images

Locate and demarcate rectangles, faces, barcodes, and text in images using the Vision framework.

class VNImageRequestHandler

An object that processes one or more image analysis requests pertaining to a single image.

class VNImageBasedRequest

The abstract superclass for image analysis requests that focus on a specific part of an image.

class VNRequest

The abstract superclass for analysis requests.