A request that detects and recognizes regions of text in an image.


class VNRecognizedTextObservation : VNRectangleObservation


This type of observation results from a VNRecognizeTextRequest. It contains information about both the location and content of text and glyphs that Vision recognized in the input image.


Obtaining Recognized Text

func topCandidates(Int) -> [VNRecognizedText]

Requests the n top candidates for a recognized text string.

class VNRecognizedText

Text recognized in an image through a text recognition request.


Conforms To

See Also

Text Recognition

Structuring Recognized Text on a Document

Detect, recognize, and structure text on a business card or receipt using Vision and VisionKit.

Reading Phone Numbers in Real Time

Analyze and filter phone numbers from text recognized in live capture, building evidence over time.

Locating and Displaying Recognized Text on a Document

Overlay text recognition output from the document scanner onto an image, reporting progress throughout.

class VNRecognizeTextRequest

An image analysis request that finds and recognizes text in an image.