Instance Method


Called when an immediate message arrives.


optional func session(_ session: WCSession, didReceiveMessage message: [String : Any])



The session object that received the message from its counterpart.


A dictionary of property list values representing the contents of the message. Use the contents of this dictionary to determine what course of action to take.


This method is called in response to a message sent by the counterpart process using the sendMessage(_:replyHandler:errorHandler:) method. This specific method is called when the counterpart specifies nil for the reply handler, indicating that it does not want a response. Use this method to process the message data and take whatever further actions are needed.

Use messages to communicate quickly with the counterpart process. Messages can be sent and received only while both processes are active and running.

The delivery of multiple messages occurs serially, so your implementation of this method does not need to be reentrant. This method is called on a background thread of your app.

See Also

Receiving Immediate Messages

func session(WCSession, didReceiveMessageData: Data)

Called when an immediate data message arrives.

func session(WCSession, didReceiveMessageData: Data, replyHandler: (Data) -> Void)

Called when an immediate data message arrives and requires a response.