Information about in-progress file transfers.


class WCSessionFileTransfer : NSObject


You do not create instances of this class yourself. When you initiate a file transfer, the system creates a new file transfer object to represent the transferred file. Use that object to get the file information or to cancel the transfer as needed.

To initiate a file transfer operation, call the transferFile(_:metadata:) method of your app’s WCSession object.


Getting the File Information

var file: WCSessionFile

The file being transferred.

Managing the File Transfer

var isTransferring: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the file is still being transferred.

var progress: Progress

An object that tracks the progress of the file transfer.

func cancel()

Cancels the file transfer.


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Data Objects

class WCSessionFile

Information about a file currently being transferred between an iOS app and WatchKit extension.

class WCSessionUserInfoTransfer

Information about in-progress data transfers.