Storyboard Elements

Connect your code to storyboard elements using interface controllers, interface objects, and event handlers.


The WatchKit framework includes classes to control user interface elements that you lay out in your storyboard. Storyboard-based layouts typically require an interface controller for each scene. Each controller can manage a number of controls and subviews, such as tables, buttons, sliders, and other visual elements. Use the classes in this collection to configure your visual elements at runtime, and to respond to user interactions.


User Interface Basics

Building watchOS app Interfaces Using the Storyboard

Create the user interface for your watchOS app by nesting stacks.

class WKInterfaceObject

An object that provides information that is common to all interface objects in your watchOS app.

class WKInterfaceController

A class that provides the infrastructure for managing the interface in a watchOS app.

class WKAlertAction

An object that encapsulates information about a button displayed in an alert or action sheet.

class WKAccessibilityImageRegion

An object that defines a portion of an image that you want to call out separately to an assistive app.

func WKAccessibilityIsVoiceOverRunning() -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether VoiceOver is running.

func WKAccessibilityIsReduceMotionEnabled() -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether reduced motion is enabled.


class WKInterfaceLabel

An interface element that displays static text.

class WKInterfaceDate

A label that displays the current date or time.

class WKInterfaceTimer

A label that displays a countdown or count-up timer.

class WKInterfaceButton

A button in the user interface of your watchOS app.

class WKInterfaceAuthorizationAppleIDButton

A button that you can use to trigger a Sign in with Apple request.

class WKInterfacePaymentButton

A button that you can use to trigger payments through Apple Pay.

class WKInterfaceTextField

An interface element that displays an editable text area.

class WKInterfaceSwitch

An interface element that toggles between an On and Off state.

class WKInterfaceSlider

An interface element that lets users select a single floating-point value from a range of values.

class WKInterfaceActivityRing

A view that displays data from a HealthKit activity summary object.

class WKInterfaceMap

An interface element that displays a noninteractive map for the location you specify.


class WKInterfaceGroup

A container for one or more interface objects.

class WKInterfaceSeparator

An interface object that displays a visual separator within a group.

class WKInterfaceTable

An object that creates and manages the contents of a single-column table interface.

class WKInterfacePicker

An interface element that presents a scrolling list of items for the user to choose from.


Playing Background Audio

Enable background audio in your app to provide a seamless playback experience.

Adding a Now Playing View

Provide a view that controls the currently playing audio from your app.

class WKInterfaceVolumeControl

An interface element that lets users control the audio volume from the watch or a paired iPhone.

property list key PUICAutoLaunchAudioOptOut

A Boolean value indicating whether a watchOS app should opt out of automatically launching when its companion iOS app starts playing audio content.

Name: Opt out of Auto-launch Audio App (Watch)
class WKAudioFilePlayer

An object that controls playback of a single audio item.

class WKAudioFileQueuePlayer

An object that controls playback of one or more audio items.

class WKAudioFilePlayerItem

An object that manages the presentation state of an audio file while it is being played.

class WKAudioFileAsset

An object that stores a reference to an audio file and provides metadata information about that file.


Images and Movies

class WKInterfaceImage

An image that can be displayed in the interface of your watchOS app.

class WKImage

A wrapper for images you use with a picker interface.

protocol WKImageAnimatable

A collection of methods you can use to control the playback of animated images.

class WKInterfaceMovie

An interface element that lets you play video and audio content in your watchOS app.

class WKInterfaceInlineMovie

An interface element that displays a video's poster image and supports inline playing of the video.

class WKInterfaceHMCamera

An interface element that displays either a video stream or a single snapshot from an IP camera connected to HomeKit.

enum WKVideoGravity

Constants indicating the appearance of video content.

Graphics and Games

class WKInterfaceSKScene

A visual WatchKit element that displays a SpriteKit scene.

class WKInterfaceSCNScene

An object that lets you manage SceneKit content for display in your app.

Event Handling

class WKCrownSequencer

An object that reports the current state of the digital crown, including its rotational speed when it is in motion.

protocol WKCrownDelegate

A collection of methods you can implement to track the user's interaction with the digital crown, receiving notifications when the user rotates the crown or when rotation stops.

class WKGestureRecognizer

The base class for all other gesture recognizer classes.

class WKLongPressGestureRecognizer

A gesture recognizer that interprets a touch event that occurs in the same relative area for an extended period of time.

class WKPanGestureRecognizer

A gesture recognizer that interprets a touch event that moves around the screen.

class WKSwipeGestureRecognizer

A gesture recognizer that interprets swiping gestures in one or more directions.

class WKTapGestureRecognizer

A gesture recognizer that interprets a touch event occurring and ending in approximately the same area on the screen.


Adding Notifications to Your watchOS App

Alert the user of significant events with notifications even when your app is not running.

class WKUserNotificationInterfaceController

An interface controller object that manages a dynamic user interface for a local or remote notification.