An object that encapsulates information about a button displayed in an alert or action sheet.


class WKAlertAction : NSObject


Create instances of this class using the init(title:style:handler:) method and pass them to the presentAlert(withTitle:message:preferredStyle:actions:) method of one of your interface controllers. The sheet uses your action objects to create the corresponding buttons. When creating an alert action, you specify the title and visual style to apply to the button and a block to execute when the button is tapped. Use the defined visual styles to convey the purpose of the button to the user.


Creating an Action

init(title: String, style: WKAlertActionStyle, handler: WKAlertActionHandler)

Creates and returns an action object with the specified button information.


enum WKAlertActionStyle

Constants indicating the style of the action button.

typealias WKAlertActionHandler

A block to perform in response to an action.


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