Constants indicating the styles for standard system alerts.


enum WKAlertControllerStyle : Int



case alert

An alert sheet with stacked buttons. The alert sheet includes a default Cancel button at the bottom of the sheet. You can add other buttons, which are placed above the Cancel button.

case sideBySideButtonsAlert

An alert sheet with side-by-side buttons.

case actionSheet

An action sheet style. Action sheets are modal sheets that can be dismissed using the Cancel button in the top-left corner of the sheet. You can also add one or two custom buttons to perform related tasks.

See Also

Presenting Interface Controllers Modally

func presentController(withName: String, context: Any?)

Presents a single interface controller modally.

func presentController(withNames: [String], contexts: [Any]?)

Presents a page-based interface modally.

func dismiss()

Dismisses the current interface controller from the screen.