An object that controls playback of one or more audio items.


@interface WKAudioFileQueuePlayer : WKAudioFilePlayer


Items are stored in a queue and played sequentially. When playback of the current item ends, playback of the next item begins automatically.

Because this class is a subclass of WKAudioFilePlayer, it inherits the same playback controls and state information as its superclass. You can use the inherited methods to start and stop playback or change the playback rate. You can also get information about the current status of the player, including the elapsed playback time for the currently playing item. This method also implements the inherited replaceCurrentItemWithPlayerItem: method and uses it to end playback of one item and start playback of another.


Creating a Queue Player

+ queuePlayerWithItems:

Creates and returns a player initialized with an array of items.

Managing Items


The array of queued items.

- advanceToNextItem

Ends playback of the current item and begins playing the next item in the queue.

- appendItem:

Adds the specified item to the end of the queue.

- removeItem:

Removes the specified item from the queue.

- removeAllItems

Removes all items from the queue.


Inherits From

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